Friday, September 30, 2011

EVE Online Pod Pack: Sept 2011 Update

It’s the end of the month and it’s time for the EVE OnlinePod Pack update.  I plan to do these updates monthly to provide you with this months news surrounding EVE Online podcasts.  Most of the information with in will contain podcasts that have been added or removed from the feed.  The updates will also include cast changes and special announcement from the podcasts.  September has been a very busy month, so let’s get started. 

Angry Monkey Podcast (AMP)
Let’s give a warm welcome to the newest podcast to join the EVE Online Pod Pack.  Angry Monkey Podcast aka AMP is hosted by ChYPh3r and EX River from the SpaceMonkey’s Alliance [SMA].  They are also joined by two little co-hosts known as Slap and Tickle, who’s main job is say all the terrible things that most of us were already thinking.  This show is rude, crude and filled to the brim with pure unadulterated trolling.  Keep in mind that this pod cast is intended for mature audiences only.  You’ve been warned. 
Taking Stage Left...
Cap Stable
I’m really not sure what happened to these guys.  Their last podcast was in June and celebrated the anniversary of AIEU, the corporation the podcasters are from.  I’ve looked for a way to contact the hosts, but I haven’t gotten anything in the way of a response.  I’ve even gone as far to contact the corp diplo and nothing came from that either.  Whatever their reasons for going dark; we wish the best and hope to see them around again soon.

I’ve spoken to Tehg a few time since he’s one of the podcasts helping me with Listen to the Voices 2011 ATX.  He’s not fading all the way in to the black, but he is going on hiatus.  He even went as far to post a blog for his reasons simply saying that he hasn’t been in the mood and when the mood returns, so will he. 

Lost in EVE
This curtain call comes on rather sad terms.  Per a post made on the podcast site, Jade, is going though some real life issues as well as health problems and has decided to close down the podcast for good.  There will be no final episode and this seems to be the finale as Jade has also stated that he will be unsubbing from EVE Online.  I’m an sure that Lost in EVE will be missed by the community at large and we all wish Jade and Jayne the best in their future endeavors. 

In Other News….
Declarations of War
Now you may be wondering why DoW is listed, but there is no website and it’s not included in the feed.  Unfortunately, the person that had control over the website and feed has left Noir.  This has left the podcast in a bit of a lurch as they work to establish a new site and feed while still maintaining Noir. Mercenary Group.  Yes, these updates are slow in coming, but hey.. Noir. is about to celebrate their 200th contract.  I think it’s okay to give them a break and let it slide for the moment. 

Fly Reckless
A pretty big change have been made over on the FR cast.  Chad has decided to part way with the podcast.  In his desire to see FR continue on, he’s left the cast in the capable hands of Priest Kristoph and Angus McDecoy.  The two are working diligently to get the podcast on a regular schedule as well as develop content.  They off to a great start so far and we’re glad to see FR sticking around and staying strong.

Not A Lot of News
Jason and Erin’s cast has been growing.  FrmfrPukin and EnderHexFyre have become regulars (even though Ender doesn’t log in to EVE much anymore).  They’ve also added in Quazz, who is a mining and industry guru of sorts.  Others have been invited to come hang out on air giving the podcast a great community feel.  These all appear to be great changes for this podcast.

Pod Goo
After a brief one month hiatus due to real life, Ender Black is back and better than ever.  It’s hard to tell if Lorkin Desal will be back due to the scheduling conflicts that the two seem to be having, but his presence is still on the podcast.  The Complete Unknown, a wormhole guide written by Desal, is now featured in the guides section of the podcast.  Along with his, Ender Black is moving The War College to the pod goo podcast and they are still planning to have more of those great roundtables. 

And I Should Mention...
Please go and check out Tech4 News.  This is a collaborative effort by Seismic Stan, Angus McDecoy and myself.  Not only do we want you to listen, but we want you to leave us your feed back as well.  Tech4 News is as much of an experiment as it is a podcast.  We hope to bring the great story lines created by the content team to life in a new way.  We also hope to draw more people not only to the role-playing aspect of EVE Online and to the story lines, but to EVE Online in general.  So please share this podcast with your corp mates, alliance mates and just your general sci-fi nerd friends. If you'd like to read more about Tech4 News, just check out the website or you can visit Seismic Stan's blog, Freebooted or my own blog post for our perspectives on the project.

Now you may be wondering why this podcast isn't in the "Introducing..." section of this blog post.  Well, like I said, this is an experiment.  A podcast like this takes a lot of time and effort even with a lot of people sharing the work load.  We want to make sure that this is a worth while endeavor that is not only fun for us, but adds value to the EVE Online community as well.  Once we figure that part out... we'll let you know what our future plans are.
And that’s is for the Monthly Update for the EVE Online Pod Pack.  If you are a podcast and have information that you would like put in the monthly updates, please contact be in-game or via g-mail.  Podcasts can also contact me to update their podcast image, podcast information and description that are on the Pod Pack site.  Also, if there is a podcast that I have missed out in the EVE Universe please contact me.  While updates to the feed are done only once a month at the end  of the month, we’re always looking for new EVE Online content to add.


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