Monday, October 31, 2011

EVE Online Pod Pack: Oct 2011 Update

It's the end of the month and you all know what that means!  EVE Online podpack updates!  Huzzah! Even though I am still technically on a little "EVE-cation", there are some exciting updates that need to be announced.

Damage Control Podcast
After some shameless begging on Google+; Kharna Earthshaker and Chad VanGaalen are back with the Damage Control podcast.  Their first two episodes of season 2 are already out with iTunes, Zune and RSS subscription available.  Follow the hosts as they cover the latest dev blogs and game news.   I am certainly glad to see these two back.  Make sure you give them a listen!

Tech4 News
This podcast is like nothing you've heard from EVE Online before.  Why is that?  It's because this cast is completely in character.  That's right.  Angus Mc Decoy (Fly Reckless), Seismic Stan (Freebooted), Erin (Not A Lot of News) and I put on our finest filthy role-player vestments to bring you this audio experiment gone wild.  The audio show follows a non-capsuleer news team as they work to investigate the current happenings (ie- storylines) of New Eden.  When asked "What is Tech4 News?", Seismic Stan was more than willing to provide one of his trademark tongue-in-cheek responses:

Five-hundred grueling man-hours compressed into 30 minutes of RP nonsense for the delectation of internet spaceship nerds?

Taking Stage Left...
Ransoms and Roams
Unfortunately, It looks like Ransoms and Roams podcast is no more.  At least in this incarnation.  Sinner's Inc as a corporation is no longer no longer active and it seems a cast member (or two) is no longer with the game.  However, I don't think this is the last we'll see of Malcom. No wait... Mark.. No... Umm... Mitchell?  (Just kidding Marc)

Change Ups...
Declarations of War
Alekseyev Karrde and company are getting back in the loop.  They have a new site, a few feed and (hopefully) a new episode soon™.  Right now Noir. is in the middle of celebrating their bicentennial contract.  That's right!  Noir. has completed 200 contracts in their time as a mercenary corporation/alliance.  Congratulations to them and hopefully there will be plenty tales of lol's and tears for them to regale us with. 

Voices from the Void
VandV is in the midsts of it's own little change up.  Much to my worry, it seems that Hallan is no longer an internet dweller.  After several attempts at reaching him over the past month, I checked in with his corp to find that has hasn't logged in to EVE in over a month.  At this point, I simply wish him well and hope that everything is alright.  In the meantime I have contacted a good friend to help me out with hosting duties and the next round of Voices from the Void will be coming up November 7th. 

Until then... keep listening to the voices.

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