Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Babby's First Scam

This video is the wrap up of an Eve Online recruitment scam. The footage was recorded and edited by me, but all the credit for the actual scam and set up goes to my corp mate Acidronin. Four days back in to Eve Online he's already bringing in ISK and some pretty entertaining kills. The story goes like this...

A particular pilot was persistent in attempting to join Eve Online corporation, Am0k., and his efforts did not go unnoticed. He was contacted by a "corp recruiter" after being ignored for approximately a month. The recruiter was Acidronion and he was on the verge of being the newly returned pilot's first mark.

It didn't take much for trust to be gained. The mark was pleased someone finally contacted him and the two quickly got down to business. The discussion went on like any typical corporation recruitment would. The usual questions about characters, skills and assets were asked and the usual answers were given in response. It was discovered the pilot was in possession of two carrier pilots and a titan pilot in training. They also had a fair amount of wealth.

Once it was determined the mark could be "accepted" in to the corporation, the discussion shifted to what to move to null and how to move it. First there was the matter of a the security deposit as well as the option to buy in to the corporation titan fund. Then came what ships to bring. In the end several billions of ISK worth of ships and modules were contracted over including a Tengu, a Macherial and several faction modules. The total estimated to be approximately 5+ billion ISK.

It would seem the mark had their suspicions. When the subject of moving their Archon and Thanatos came up, they decided they would move the ships rather than contract them. Even more curious, the ships were unfitted when jumped in to the final system. It's hard to say if this was a move to mitigate possible losses or if the pilot just wasn't aware they could use a travel fit.

In the end the mark lost it all. They were invited to a fleet and told they had an "Honour Guard" waiting for them at the end of the beacon. The cyno and bubble were lit and once both carriers were in system, they were quickly taken down by the waiting fleet. The contact was cancelled and its contents stolen.

You have been warned.