Monday, May 20, 2013

[Fitness] Project Geek

I am in shape. The shape I’m in just happens to be blobby and formless.

Which shape would you like to be in?

In Eve, we’ve heard about the terrors of The Big Blue Donut [TBBD]. It is large and shiftless mass which threatens to absorb all with in its path. You can not fight TBBD, at least not by conventional means, and most view TBBD as a detriment to a healthy existence. The most disturbing thing about TBBD is that it can also describe my ass. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but it is one hell of an opener for fitness blog post!

Recently my brother Michael passed away and it hit me pretty hard. Michael was a huge influence in my life. He introduced me to video games and was one of the few people who would stick to canon when playing My Little Ponies. Even as an adult I followed in his footsteps seeking an internship at Disney (a former employer of his) and getting in to entertainment.

His passing caused me to reflect on a number of things including health. Michael was a diabetic and our father is as well. My brother lost his vision and use of his kidneys from the disease. It played a factor in his passing. Every time Michael and I spoke he would ask me about my general health and remind me to watch my diet. In return for his brotherly concern there was nothing more than lip service as I reached for another handful of Doritos and a swig of Dr. Pepper. My brother deserves better than lip service.

It’s time to keep my word which means getting serious about my health and fitness. After weeks of sitting in my darkened living room with the shades dawn, eyes glazed over as I watch pixels shift on my computer screen, it’s time for me to make good on the promise I gave to my brother. It’s time for Project Geek to commence.

Project Geek is a promise made good to my brother and all are welcome to join in with me. All the preparations are in place including the group on Fitocracy. Blogging and cataloging is to maintain focus while tracking goals and successes. Including fellow geeks makes it fun while adding a social element.

Being a geek is great fun, but it can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. My typical geek out sessions lead to a lot of hours spent sitting and include little physical activity. The plan is to geek out in a new way. Take the passion and enthusiasm I have for gaming and AV production and transfer some of that passion in to my health. It’s going to be a hard adjustment, but it one well worth making.

Project Geek’s main focus is to geek out on fitness. It doesn’t matter what kind of fitness it is. Weight lifting, cardio, healthy eating; it doesn’t matter. If it can lead to a better health I want to at least want to touch on the subject. Here’s to a better life.  Here’s to Project Geek.