Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Monday: BFF

The outpost was teeming with bodies. It was difficult to find a clear path through most of the corridors.  The sprawling main levels extended into a labyrinth of offices, establishments, quarters, docks and public areas that was nearly impossible to navigate.  The traffic was so heavy you had no choice but to crush yourself against the surging masses in order to make any kind of headway towards your destination.  On the lower levels, the walkways were still mostly full, but at least you didn’t have to worry if that strange hand on your thigh was trying to catch a feel or rob you blind… as much.

Outposts are colossal space stations built in null security space by sovereignty holding alliances.  They can house thousands of pilots, hundreds of corporations and an unfathomable amount of ships and other assorted accouterments necessary for a comfortable existence out in the wilds of conquerable space.  Even as grand as this structure off plant V is… the amount of people contained made it seem like a tiny village encased in glass and gleaming metals at times.  Especially since The Mongrels made it their business to know exactly who was on their home turf at all times.

Signs of the strange society built upon the grief and suffering of outsiders were ubiquitous.  Off in one of the alcoves three men grinned as they looked towards a Neo Com screen.  A holo of a titan spun slowly at the table with the three crooks as a naïve highsec dweller watched what was supposedly his new titan class ship while he was in the process of being robbed blind.  In the corridors, holo-screens and posters boasted propaganda of all sorts.  A particular one caught Ary’s eye.  It was a large mural of sorts set against a red background with smoke rising from planet side as a hordes of rifters and other frigates filled the sky while off to the right Chariman Mao watched with a murderous glee; superimposed fire burning in his eyes.

“Stirring.”  The word was a low mummer from her lips.  There was a tinge of humor filled her tone and a smirk pulled the corner of her lips.

She did her best to blend into the mix of thugs, hustlers and killers that made up the population of VFK-IV.  An easy gait carried her down the greenish hued hall.  The faint thud of her heavy industrial boots echoed slightly.  Dark eyes stayed forward, her gaze laced with a hardened edge that gave her a stronger air of purpose.  The odd set of eyes would still follow her as she moved towards her destination.  It was hard to tell if they actually caught her “New Kid” scent or if her own paranoia was playing tricks on her.   Whatever the truth was, it was soon wiped away and replaced with a moment of self annoyance.

In a split second the room spun.  Ary found herself grabbed by her hips and pulled backwards in a single quick motion.  Instinctively her knees bent and her center of gravity shifted forcing her assilant to loosen his grasp.  Free from the grip, she crouched with heels raised and the balls of her feet pressed to the floor.   Hair dyed the color of fire and brimstone splayed in the air as she spun.  Her body spun 180 degrees to face the aggressor.  Simultaneously her right hand reached across her torso.  The palm of hand landed on her pistol and her fingers to wrap around its grip.  The weapon drawn from its hiding place between her forearm and breast and pointed to the source of her new found distraction.  Safety off.

As the two stood in the middle of the corridor, face to face and staring down each other's barrels, they failed to notice that everything around them stopped.  There were no footsteps, no sounds of conversations.  Simply silence as the on lookers waited to see which one would pull the trigger first.

They were locked in a “Matari Stand-off.”  Two combatants and two pistols.  Both of which were aimed squarely at center of their opponent's forehead.  A killshot was guaranteed, but only by which one of them had the quickest reflex.  The mix of adrenaline and anxiety surged through their veins as they stood in the center of the slowly forming circle.  Their senses were hyper aware taking in the feel indentations and grooves of the pistol grips to the faint mummer of voices making impromptu bets.  Fellow Mongrels circled them like vultures waiting the sweet release of sudo-death, blood and brain matter.

“Someone shoot or move it along.”  A slim built security officer with ratting brown hair broadcasted his directive as he pushed to the front of the crowd.  His expression was unsurprised if not on the borderline of annoyed.  He paused to take a bite of a haphazardly created sandwich clutched in to his left hand.  A piece of lettuce clung to the corner of his mouth as another piece fell to the floor.  “You’re causing a safety issue by blocking the thoroughfare.”  The spitting of chewed food as he talked only added to his authority.

“The lady and I are trying to have a moment here.”  The masculine voice attached to the hand holding the pistol aimed at Ary’s head was smoothing, evening charming.  A faint laugh slipped past his current targets lips.  “It isn’t often we find ourselves able to connect so abruptly.”

“Really I don’t give a fuck what you two do.  What I do give a fuck about...”  Another bite taken and the guard’s speech became muffled as his words struggled to bypass the wad of meat, cheese and bread that blocked their path. “Is my boss, who’s going to come ride my ass about a traffic block in sector 34H.  Now if you two need a private moment, I hear the Gallente Suite on the top desk is nice.  Decent rental fee, heart shaped bed and the cleaning service is included since you two are in to the kinky shit…. That said.  Shoot it or move it.”

“Some just have no idea how to properly woo a lady.  It is nice to see you again Ob.”

Both guns were de-charged and placed back inside their respective holsters.  A smile as bright as VFK-IV’s yellow star cast a brilliant glow over the woman’s features as her arms wrapped around her once assailant's neck.  The affection was returned as Ob’s arms wrapped around her waist and took her up in a brief spin.

The almost gun battle was nothing more than two old friends reuniting.  The security officer was satisfied as the onlookers started to break up and move away.  A small scuffle broke out between a heavily tattooed Matari and a weasely little bookie who was currently pinned against a wall shouting ‘No refunds on bets’ as his legs kicked searching for solid ground.  Two slightly less disgruntled Mongrels growled and purposely bumped into the two in an effort to relieve some of their frustration.

“Is it just me or have the Mongrels gotten a little more hostile since the last time I’ve been here?   I guess a lot has changed since the last great war?”

“Eh… don’t mind them Sunshine.”  Ob’s easy going and relaxed demeanor never failed.  “The Chairman’s been cracking down on blue on blue so the locals get a little excited at the hint of action.”

A distant crack and thud caught their attention before Ary could get out whatever smart ass remark about the Chairman she had was spoken.  The distraction was probably for the best considering the amount ears in the hall.  The Brutor had gotten his ISK back.  The bookie sat on the floor slumped unconscious against the wall.  A trail of blood leaked from his freshly broken nose and drool from his lip.

“I see the rules of Mongrel-Fucking are still clearly in effect.”

“Clearly.”  Ob’s arm moved up to wrap around her shoulder.  “Come on.   I’ll give you the grand tour and then I want to spend a some time catching up with my BFF.”


“Best Femme Fatal?”  A cheeky smile cast in her direction along with a wink to truly add emphasis.

“You’re disturbing.”

“I’m aware, but I’ll take it as a compliment.”

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'd Like to Announce; Rixx Javix is The Man

So.... As if we didn't all already know... Rixx Javix is the man.  He really is.  He is one of the people that will probably never cease to amaze me in positive and wonderful ways.  In his most recent episode of be a fantastic person, he jumped on board with my nutty idea of "The Power of 100 Voices"  and how to apply this to something I enjoy doing and do quite a bit anyway.

His contribution to the project was two-fold.  In Good Guy feat #1; he actually sent in audio!  That kind of support was more than I could have hoped for in the first place.  In Good Guy feat #2; he created this amazing background to go along with the add.  I'll give you a moment to guess what's replaced by Dramiel against a cool red nebulae over in Minmatar land.

After sending tweets and emailing the link to his post and pissing off my neighbors with the squealing, I decided to go be counter inspired.  Those that follow my EVE lust in all its forms probably spotted the news article over on Tech 4 News.  Well, since we're all being mutually creative; I made a in-character response about Rixx's support.  It seems that CreoDron has sparked some great EVE Online Metagame/Role-Play creativity.

Yes.  Drones. 

Who would have thought?!

And PS Rixx... I do have some posts that pack a bit of a punch.  :P

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Power of 100 Voices: United Technologies of CreoDron

So as most of you know, I am one of the voices, writers and conceptual con-artists behind the delightful player facilitated immersion project knows as Tech4 News.  Don’t know Tech4 News is?  Then click here, but don’t forget to come back.

With that out of the way, back to my main point.  One of the writing duties I’ve taken on is commercials.  I have a personal passion for commercials.  By the age of 7 I had produced two infomercials (Wonder Weave and Healthy Berries) and by 15 I just knew that my purpose in life was to become a big time Advertising Executive with Bozell World Wide in their Paris, France office.  None of that happened, but I still like making commercials.

That’s where you the reader come in.  ‘What do I have to do with any of this?’, ‘What the hell is a Healthy Berry?’, ‘Where is this bus going and why is it so hot?’  These are probably some of the questions you are asking yourself.  There are probably other questions as well and the answer to those are ‘no’, ‘mostly on Wednesdays and Saturdays’ and ‘I swear it was like that when I got here, but I’d like to keep the cane and those ear muffs.’  I totally forgot where I was going with this paragraph so I’m going to skip to the next one now.

So this commercial thing.  I’m working on a new commercial for Tech4 News.  It’s about CreoDron, which in the lore of EVE produces drones.  Now we’ve taken a few liberties on expending what kind of drones they produce, but one would have to imagine that in a progressive and highly advanced society like New Eden, they’re more than just Repair, Combat and ECM drones.  I still haven’t answered the part about you, but stick with me, I’m getting there.

So you.  What do I want from you?  Your voice.  And no not in the 'creepy Ursula from The Little Mermaid, steal your voice and try to steal your man because I have a hard on for your dad' kind of way.  No.  What I want is more scary than that.  I want you to record the lines below.  All of them.  If your work is good, I’m going to put your voice in the commercial.  If you send me something weird, I’m going to montage it with the other weird crap I’m sure to get and play it on Voices. 

So, go my little EVE-Ites!  Record and then send the MP3 files to vandvpodcast(at)gmail(dot)com.  The "official dead line" for this is Friday Dec 23rd.  However, never fear!  I would like to do several versions of the commercial, so if you need a little more time that's cool too.



You never really think about them, but where would we be without our automaton friends?

The farms would fall silent and overgrown. The groceries would never arrive. The streets would fill with trash

More of our sons and daughters lives would be risked in relentless factories, on hostile worlds, in treacherous mines and in defense of our space.

Drones have many uses. But you and I both know their primary function is making our lives easier.

*short laugh*

But between you and me... you don't have to think about them.  Why?  Because that's our job.
CreoDron.  Yes.  Drones.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Children's Songs for EVE Online

A while ago, Roc Wieler was featured on Voice from the Void.  During the episode, he mentioned the idea of Matari Children’s songs.  The idea has stuck with me ever since that interview.

Between my passion for parody songs and the fact that life experiences have caused me to learn an abundant amount of children’s songs (Nursery volunteer, Girls Inc volunteer, Girl Scouts, WDW Cast Member, etc); I figured why not?

Why not EVE Online children’s songs?  Is it weird?  Yes.  A little creepy?  Borderline.  Will it be funny?  Of course.  Will people read this post and start singing them any way or at least show the post to friends?  I’m counting on it.

Also, since Roc decided to “borrow” one of my ideas for one of his “Roc’s Rules”; I think it’s only fair I get the jump on the parody songs.  At least I’m gracious enough to give credit where credit is due.  :/

So.  Without further ado…. Children’s songs for EVE Online.


The Pod Amarr Song
In the style of "If You're Happy and You Know It"
(Special thanks to Bucky O'Hair for this one.)

If you’re happy and you know it; Pod Amarr.
If you’re happy and you know it; Pod Amarr.
If you’re happy and you know it.
Let your turrets go and show it.
If you’re happy and you know it; Pod Amarr.

If you can not find Caldari; Pod Amarr.
If you can not find Caldari; Pod Amarr.
If you can not find Caldari.
And your killboard’s lookin’ sorry.
If you can not find Caldari; Pod Amarr.

If Gallante’s looking shifty; Pod Amarr.
If Gallante’s looking shifty; Pod Amarr.
If Gallante’s looking shifty.
And your trigger finger’s itchy.
If Gallante’s looking shifty; Pod Amarr.

If the sleeper’s are too risky; Pod Amarr.
If the sleeper’s are too risky; Pod Amarr.
If the sleeper’s are too risky
And your wormhole’s closing quickly
If the sleeper’s are too risky; Pod Amarr.

The Fleet Song
In the style of "The Song that Never Ends" from Sherry Lewis' Lamb Chop

This is the fleet that doesn’t end.
Yes it goes on and on my friend.
Some FC.. called a primary not knowing what it was.
And they just kept pew-pewing on forever just because...(repeat forever)

The Chribba Song
In the style of "Hi My name is Joe"
 (Written prior to TEST taking 9UY4-H)

My name is Chribba.
I gotta system in Providence and work on 3rd parties.
One day New Eden said
Chribba... Are you busy?  I said no.
They asked.. code Eve Files on your website....

My name is Chribba.
I gotta system in Providence and work on 3rd parties.
One day New Eden said
Chribba... Are you busy?  I said no.
They asked.. code Eve Search on your website....

My name is Chribba.
I gotta system in Providence and work on 3rd parties.
One day New Eden said
Chribba... Are you busy?  I said no.
They asked.. code Eve Offline on your website....

My name is Chribba.
I gotta system in Providence and work on 3rd parties.
One day New Eden said
Chribba... Are you busy?  I said no.
They asked.. code eEve Agents on your website....

My name is Chribba.
I gotta system in Providence and work on 3rd parties.
One day New Eden said
Chribba... Are you busy?  I said no.
They asked.. code EVE Board on your website....

My name is Chribba.
I gotta system in Providence and work on 3rd parties.
One day New Eden said
Chribba... Are you busy?  I said YES!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

EVE Online Pod Pack: Dec 2011 Update

Keeping it short and sweet this month folks.

Lost in EVE
A big welcome back as Jade makes his triumphant return.  This time around it's a solo show, but we'll never know where the path to piracy and Jade's other journeys will lead him.

Local Spam
Welcome to #Tweetfleet residents PyroTech3 and ALushInSpace.  Get ready to laugh and enjoy some great local chatter as they spam and ham it up.

Taking a Stage Left...
Due to the holiday season, no removals will be done until February.  Merry Crucible!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[Fiction] When the Morning Comes

The glow of artificial light increased from a faint blush to half dimmed morning radiance.  This particular light program for the Amarrian Captian’s Quarters was set to mimic morning light.  For some it was a gentle way to wake up.  For others it was a substitute for the planet side sunlight they hadn’t experienced in ages.  For the Matari woman that slept on the narrow slip of bedding, it was a mild annoyance that caused her to roll over with a faint groan. 

“I thought you were a morning person?”   The soft whisper came in the form of an ease male tenor.  Groggy words laced with a chuckle at her reaction to the light.

“Being a morning person and wanting to get up are not mutually exclusive.”  Even with only being half awake, her tongue was still sharp.  “Besides, shouldn’t you be flattered that I choose to stay a bit longer?”

She moved once more, the thin linen that covered her slid down to reveal the smooth slope of her shoulder, back and hips.  He smiled.  His mind shifted focus from her quip to the newly exposed flesh. 

“I suppose you’re right.”

He reached out to touch her.  Thick and slightly rough finger tips ran over the silken skin of her back.  She would shift slightly against his touch, but wouldn’t move away. 

The light caused her warm earthy colored skin to shimmer, while his only seemed more pale.  The contrast in their skin made him grin like the cheeky bastard he was.  His euphoria was short lived as a small voice made him question if the enjoyment was erotic or racist.  His eyes drifted lower as did his hand.  An action bore from shame rather then desire.

 “Why haven’t you told me about your tattoo?”  It was a strange question to ask, but he was searching for anything to pull him out of self inflicted guilt of being racially aware.  Yes, he would ask about her Voluval; that would make him feel more… enlightened.

“Because I think that getting to intimate would be a detriment to our professional relationship.”  Even though sleepiness, the flat tone of sarcasm came through clearly.  A dead give away that she was fucking with him.  She would stir once more to roll over in the small space.  Bleary eyes narrowed and focused upon her companion.  “Really?”

“What?”  He tried to appear genuinely shocked at her response.  “I can’t want to know more about you?”  He reached out to touch her arm.  The gesture was an unspoken affirmation of his words.  This advance would be blocked by a single sweeping motion of her own hand, a raised eyebrow and an unconvinced purse of her lips.

Another heavy sign came.  Shifting to his back, he laid back down.  His hands moved to brush downward over his face.  He became quiet and the entire room with him.  In the silence footsteps in the outer corridor could be heard as well as the dripping coffee from the mini cantina drone and even the sounds of the docking bay attached to the quarters. 

“I was thinking about something… and… I decided that I want to think about something else.”  He brought his hands down so they rested against his chest, his fingers folding in between each other.  The shame was a bit clearer in his eyes. 

“You know you sound like a spy when you talk like that.”

“I know.  It’s just… It… Nevermind.”

“It’s okay.  You don’t have to tell me.”  She rolled once more and settled on her stomach.  Her right arm rested on his chest and as well as her head.  “It is my Voluval.  It’s the sacred mark we receive when we come of age.  It doesn’t mean as much as it used to, but it’s still tradition and holds a good amount of significance.”

“Does yours have a special meaning?”

The silence came again.  Her full lips parted, but no words came.  Instead, those dark almond shaped eyes bore into him.

“Every Voluval is sacred and carries some kind of meaning.”

“I understand.”

“No… I mean...” She paused and leaned back from him slightly.  “They are really important to us.  They bare the most… secret and special part of a person.  They are a window into the wearer’s fate.”  Her words were heavy with meaning.  Her voice nearly breaking as she tried to verbalize the emotional and physiological connection that no other race could really understand.  Her eyebrows furrowed.   “Do you really understand?”

“Probably not.”  It was one of the moments of unadulterated truth.  “But want to at least try.”

You are of me, but not mine to keep.
You are of rock, but you will not be bound.
You are water, but you will not be consumed.
You are of sun and will harness it.
You are of air and shall wield its power.
You are of the universe.  You are of Eden.
You are the wandering soul.

Those were the words my Grandmother spoke when my Voluval was revealed.  She was… is our clan matriarch.  The wisest woman I ever knew.  I could see the tears welling in my mother’s eyes, but my Grandmother’s face was almost stone.”  A flicker of sadness came to her voice and her eyes, but in true Martari style they were pushed back.  “A few days after that I left the clan and the planet.”

“And you obviously haven’t been back since.”

Slowly, methodically she rose up from where she laid on the bed.  Her expression was stone and her silence was deafening. 

“So, I’m right then?”  He watched her as she shifted once more and her eyes narrowed slightly.  The small gesture compelled him to explain quickly.  “Well, you’re Vherokior.  They’re considered the more nomadic of the Matari people.  And your…”  He motioned to her brow.  “Your naming mark and your Voluval are your only tattoos… which is unusual for a Matari.  Even one of the wandering persuasion.”

She still didn’t respond.

“My father was an anthropologist.  Of all cultures.  Becoming more culturally aware and embracing all people regardless of background was important to him.  It was also something he instilled in his children.” As he explained his knowledge, he slowly moved to sit up.  Even sitting side by side, he was still tall than her.  Larger in mass as well.  “I didn’t mean to offend and you don’t make this easy.  Sometimes it’s like I’m talking to a brick wall with you.”

“And what about your slaver Grandfather?”

“If you know that, then you know about the accusations and the trial.”  A contempt filled smirk marred his thin lips.  “Amarrians enjoy persecuting their own as much as they enjoy persecuting others.”  He turned and got up from the mattress that was really only meant to fit one.  His large hand ran over his smoothly bald head while he wandered over to the mini-cantina drone and poured a cup of the thick engine oil like substance.   

“Let’s take the Slicer and  Dramiel up to Old man Star today.  It’ll be like told times.”  She followed suit, rising up from bed and walking over to the small sink.  Water was splashed on her face causing some of her red dyed hair to become wet in the process.  The water continued to run as she brushed her teeth. 

“Is that all you ever think about?”  The shift in conversation made him feel slightly put out.  Sometimes it was just hard with her.  Taking a long drink, he walked over to where she stood and turned the water off. 

She watched him as he approached.  A smile curved around her toothbrush while she kept scrubbing her teeth.  After a quick spit she took a careful look at her teeth in the mirror and shook her head slowly.  The water was turned back on long enough to rinse before she turned it off.  He could have sworn he caught that indignant twinkle in her eye. 

“No.  I think about the things that make me happy.  You can understand that can’t you?”  A taunting wink was cast in his direction.  “Right now, for me, that’s you and Old Man Star.”

Monday, October 31, 2011

EVE Online Pod Pack: Oct 2011 Update

It's the end of the month and you all know what that means!  EVE Online podpack updates!  Huzzah! Even though I am still technically on a little "EVE-cation", there are some exciting updates that need to be announced.

Damage Control Podcast
After some shameless begging on Google+; Kharna Earthshaker and Chad VanGaalen are back with the Damage Control podcast.  Their first two episodes of season 2 are already out with iTunes, Zune and RSS subscription available.  Follow the hosts as they cover the latest dev blogs and game news.   I am certainly glad to see these two back.  Make sure you give them a listen!

Tech4 News
This podcast is like nothing you've heard from EVE Online before.  Why is that?  It's because this cast is completely in character.  That's right.  Angus Mc Decoy (Fly Reckless), Seismic Stan (Freebooted), Erin (Not A Lot of News) and I put on our finest filthy role-player vestments to bring you this audio experiment gone wild.  The audio show follows a non-capsuleer news team as they work to investigate the current happenings (ie- storylines) of New Eden.  When asked "What is Tech4 News?", Seismic Stan was more than willing to provide one of his trademark tongue-in-cheek responses:

Five-hundred grueling man-hours compressed into 30 minutes of RP nonsense for the delectation of internet spaceship nerds?

Taking Stage Left...
Ransoms and Roams
Unfortunately, It looks like Ransoms and Roams podcast is no more.  At least in this incarnation.  Sinner's Inc as a corporation is no longer no longer active and it seems a cast member (or two) is no longer with the game.  However, I don't think this is the last we'll see of Malcom. No wait... Mark.. No... Umm... Mitchell?  (Just kidding Marc)

Change Ups...
Declarations of War
Alekseyev Karrde and company are getting back in the loop.  They have a new site, a few feed and (hopefully) a new episode soon™.  Right now Noir. is in the middle of celebrating their bicentennial contract.  That's right!  Noir. has completed 200 contracts in their time as a mercenary corporation/alliance.  Congratulations to them and hopefully there will be plenty tales of lol's and tears for them to regale us with. 

Voices from the Void
VandV is in the midsts of it's own little change up.  Much to my worry, it seems that Hallan is no longer an internet dweller.  After several attempts at reaching him over the past month, I checked in with his corp to find that has hasn't logged in to EVE in over a month.  At this point, I simply wish him well and hope that everything is alright.  In the meantime I have contacted a good friend to help me out with hosting duties and the next round of Voices from the Void will be coming up November 7th. 

Until then... keep listening to the voices.  http://www.voicesfromthevoid.net/eve-pod-pack/

Friday, September 30, 2011

EVE Online Pod Pack: Sept 2011 Update

It’s the end of the month and it’s time for the EVE OnlinePod Pack update.  I plan to do these updates monthly to provide you with this months news surrounding EVE Online podcasts.  Most of the information with in will contain podcasts that have been added or removed from the feed.  The updates will also include cast changes and special announcement from the podcasts.  September has been a very busy month, so let’s get started. 

Angry Monkey Podcast (AMP)
Let’s give a warm welcome to the newest podcast to join the EVE Online Pod Pack.  Angry Monkey Podcast aka AMP is hosted by ChYPh3r and EX River from the SpaceMonkey’s Alliance [SMA].  They are also joined by two little co-hosts known as Slap and Tickle, who’s main job is say all the terrible things that most of us were already thinking.  This show is rude, crude and filled to the brim with pure unadulterated trolling.  Keep in mind that this pod cast is intended for mature audiences only.  You’ve been warned. 
Taking Stage Left...
Cap Stable
I’m really not sure what happened to these guys.  Their last podcast was in June and celebrated the anniversary of AIEU, the corporation the podcasters are from.  I’ve looked for a way to contact the hosts, but I haven’t gotten anything in the way of a response.  I’ve even gone as far to contact the corp diplo and nothing came from that either.  Whatever their reasons for going dark; we wish the best and hope to see them around again soon.

I’ve spoken to Tehg a few time since he’s one of the podcasts helping me with Listen to the Voices 2011 ATX.  He’s not fading all the way in to the black, but he is going on hiatus.  He even went as far to post a blog for his reasons simply saying that he hasn’t been in the mood and when the mood returns, so will he. 

Lost in EVE
This curtain call comes on rather sad terms.  Per a post made on the podcast site, Jade, is going though some real life issues as well as health problems and has decided to close down the podcast for good.  There will be no final episode and this seems to be the finale as Jade has also stated that he will be unsubbing from EVE Online.  I’m an sure that Lost in EVE will be missed by the community at large and we all wish Jade and Jayne the best in their future endeavors. 

In Other News….
Declarations of War
Now you may be wondering why DoW is listed, but there is no website and it’s not included in the feed.  Unfortunately, the person that had control over the website and feed has left Noir.  This has left the podcast in a bit of a lurch as they work to establish a new site and feed while still maintaining Noir. Mercenary Group.  Yes, these updates are slow in coming, but hey.. Noir. is about to celebrate their 200th contract.  I think it’s okay to give them a break and let it slide for the moment. 

Fly Reckless
A pretty big change have been made over on the FR cast.  Chad has decided to part way with the podcast.  In his desire to see FR continue on, he’s left the cast in the capable hands of Priest Kristoph and Angus McDecoy.  The two are working diligently to get the podcast on a regular schedule as well as develop content.  They off to a great start so far and we’re glad to see FR sticking around and staying strong.

Not A Lot of News
Jason and Erin’s cast has been growing.  FrmfrPukin and EnderHexFyre have become regulars (even though Ender doesn’t log in to EVE much anymore).  They’ve also added in Quazz, who is a mining and industry guru of sorts.  Others have been invited to come hang out on air giving the podcast a great community feel.  These all appear to be great changes for this podcast.

Pod Goo
After a brief one month hiatus due to real life, Ender Black is back and better than ever.  It’s hard to tell if Lorkin Desal will be back due to the scheduling conflicts that the two seem to be having, but his presence is still on the podcast.  The Complete Unknown, a wormhole guide written by Desal, is now featured in the guides section of the podcast.  Along with his, Ender Black is moving The War College to the pod goo podcast and they are still planning to have more of those great roundtables. 

And I Should Mention...
Please go and check out Tech4 News.  This is a collaborative effort by Seismic Stan, Angus McDecoy and myself.  Not only do we want you to listen, but we want you to leave us your feed back as well.  Tech4 News is as much of an experiment as it is a podcast.  We hope to bring the great story lines created by the content team to life in a new way.  We also hope to draw more people not only to the role-playing aspect of EVE Online and to the story lines, but to EVE Online in general.  So please share this podcast with your corp mates, alliance mates and just your general sci-fi nerd friends. If you'd like to read more about Tech4 News, just check out the website or you can visit Seismic Stan's blog, Freebooted or my own blog post for our perspectives on the project.

Now you may be wondering why this podcast isn't in the "Introducing..." section of this blog post.  Well, like I said, this is an experiment.  A podcast like this takes a lot of time and effort even with a lot of people sharing the work load.  We want to make sure that this is a worth while endeavor that is not only fun for us, but adds value to the EVE Online community as well.  Once we figure that part out... we'll let you know what our future plans are.
And that’s is for the Monthly Update for the EVE Online Pod Pack.  If you are a podcast and have information that you would like put in the monthly updates, please contact be in-game or via g-mail.  Podcasts can also contact me to update their podcast image, podcast information and description that are on the Pod Pack site.  Also, if there is a podcast that I have missed out in the EVE Universe please contact me.  While updates to the feed are done only once a month at the end  of the month, we’re always looking for new EVE Online content to add.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tech4 News

I'd like to introduce to you all a new type of podcasting venture called Tech4 News.  Tech4 News is the brainchild of Seismic Stan from the Freebooted blog.  Along with Arydanika from Voices from theVoid and Angus Mc Decoy of Fly Reckless, the team of podcasters has come up with a EVE Online podcast unlike any other.  

Tech4 News is a completely in-character EVE Online podcast.   The concept of the podcast is that it is an independent news cast run by non-capsuleers who are investigating the mysteries that the Capsuleers are uncovering.  The podcast will follow the current in-character storylines generated within New Eden starting off with the Arek' Jaalan Project.  

The podcast has also been created to attract a wide audience.  While the main focus is to help generate interaction and conversation within the EVE Online role-playing community; we want anyone to be able to enjoy the storylines and entertainment the podcast has to offer.  We hope to entertain new players, non role-playing players as well as individuals who simply enjoy good Science Fiction.  

The podcast features four main characters all played by podcasters within the EVE Online Community.  There is the Gallente-born, ratings-driving lead anchor Paydas Adavaar voiced by Angus McDecoy.  Arydanika plays the bold and daring Minmatar field reporter Mielikki Valpuri.  Uriah Tedanih is the worldly and educated Amarrian staff science expert played by Seismic Stan.  Then Erin from Not A Lot of News Hour gives life to the cheeky, but very handy Minmatar staff engineering expert Sarkastinen"Sark" Insinoori.

The website for Tech4 has been launched and the first episode of the cast is ready for download.  The hard work and efforts of several different EVE Online players have come together to create this project.  We hope you'll find a few moments to listen and invite you to leave any feedback you may have. 

VandV Podcast: Episode 23

I've been very busy over the past few weeks.  I had a birthday, had some family stuff going on, then there's Teach4 News and Listen to the Voices 2011 ATX.  Something had to fall through the cracks and it was the The News videos.  I know a lot of people like them, so I'm doing my best to fit them in to my schedule.


Join your hosts Arydanika and Hallan Turrek for Episode 23 of Voices from the Void; an EVE Online podcast covering the in-game and out-of-game current events.  This week features news updates for Null Sec, CCP, CSM and the community.  The community spotlight goes to the upcoming Austin, TX Listen to the Voices Meet-up.  The creamy filling is an interview with friend of the show, Seismic Stan of the Freebooted blog to chat about his new project.

Also, don’t forget about the VandV Thanatos Lottery.  Check the website front page for details!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Monday: The Chill Room

The acrid scent of tobacco and other smokables mixed with fragrance of stale perfume and spilled alcohol was the first thing one would notice when entering the decently sized chill room.  Thick wisps of smoke hovered in the air creating a fitting atmosphere of intrigue and danger.  Muted background conversations buzzed softly, the words could barely be made out over the sound of music being piped in.  It was Matari music, music weighted with drums and passion.

Most would view the little establishment in the back-galaxy solar system of UHKL-N as a den of debauchery, greed and murder.  Only the most depraved and degenerate type of capsuleer sought refuge here and those that maintained offices there were happy to keep it that way.  For Ary, this was home.  The place she laid her boots and docked her ships now they had all moved back out to null sec space. 

They seemed more like family rather then random individuals brought together by a single minded purpose.  That purpose was to wreak as much havoc across the universe as possible.  Even though practices such as espionage, thievery and out right brutality were among their best practices, there was a deep bond that connected them and that was what made them so dangerous. 

Only a few hung out in the chill room tonight.  Small groups and pairings scattered lazily over the small space with a décor that could be defined as a mix of pleasure hub and strategic planning room with elements of a trophy case.  Pieces of furniture had had been procured from various sources ensuring the forever bachelor pad feel the place had.  Really it wasn’t so bad when you took a look at the ‘Vitok Hotel’ style of quarters most stations offered to Capsuleers.

Off at a table towards the back the Big Daddy’s were busy with the night’s plans.  Kennedy, Detrick, Ramon and Lucas were the driving force behind the small corporation.  They ensured the group had everything they needed as well as keep everyone in line.  Decent space for flipping some quick ISK, targets to shoot at and ops to keep their band of merry thugs focused enough to keep from killing each other and their alliance mates.  They even provided limited ship replacements and allowed the more tenured members access to corporation owned modules and other necessities.  All in all, their efforts made life out in the ass end of space suck a little less. 

There were a few other groups huddled at a couple of tables.  KC and Kos were busy arguing over a Brutix fit while Equsi was busy mocking them for actually wasting time on Brutix fits.  There was also a poker game started up with four of the pilots staring at their cards and each other intently.  A good share of ISK has been won and lost with the game showing no signs of slowing down. 

Ark was sprawled out on a large set of beaten and battered floor pillows along with Miller and a couple of Gallante dancers that he picked up the near by low sec hub.  In the center of the pillows was a rather tall and elaborately designed hookah with several hoses.  One rested by Ark and still had a faint trail of smoke trailing from the metal tip.

“You couldn’t wait 10 minutes?  Addict.”  The pointed jab of comment was laced with truth as well as jest.  The low purr of Ary’s voice softened the blow, but not by much.  Drugs were common among the group.  All of them used on some level and the spectrum ranged from high grade boosters to some harder substances here and there. 

“Maybe if you trained some propulsion skills you wouldn’t be so fucking slow and I wouldn’t have to wait so long.”  Ark was no gentleman and came right back at her at full force. 

Ary’s only response would be to pick up the hookah hose and throw it at his face.  This too was blocked with a simple gesture of his hand.  The stoned dancing girl curled up to his side tittered until she noticed Ary’s unamused stare.  The girl’s attention would shift as she cleared her throat.  Her delicate fingers wrapped around the metal tip placing it to Ark’s lips.  He would oblige her and simply cast a smirk to Ary. 

“Asshole.”  The word was muttered under Ary’s breath as she went to take a seat beside Lou.  The faintly malicious expression on her face turned softer as she rang her fingers through Lou’s rust colored hair.  He was starting to thin out at the top, but she thought it gave his look more character.  “And how’s the favorite Ginger?”

“I’m good.”  The capsuleer would turn and gave her that shy smile of his.  His eyes would flicker down to the Hookah hose he was holding.  A drag of the ‘naturally enhanced’ plant was taken before he pointed the smoking tip towards her. 

“You’re a terrible influence on me Lou.  You know that right?”  Her body couched down as she moved between the dancing Miller was pawing at and Lou.  His offer was accepted graciously and she allowed her body to slide comfortably in to the pillows below her.  After a few long drags, her head rolled towards to Lou and her eyes lifted upwards him.  “You’re coming with us tonight right?”

“No…  Not tonight.”  He hemmed slightly as he started to brace himself for the oncoming backlash.  Right on cue Ary shot up from her reclined position.  Those dark eyes were now narrowed and staring intently in to his.

“What do you mean your not coming?”  Her tone had grown louder and much more demanding.

The other conversations that had been carrying in the room grew a bit softer at the Matari’s outburst.  Equsi leaned over to Kos and gave him a nudge in the ribs.  Darq, who was over at the poker table, a nod of his head towards the two.  The dancer beside Mullet was startled.  He leaned over to a nibble and whisper to her ear, but it would do little to ease her discomfort.  Mullet simple shrugged and continued to enjoy himself.

“Aww, come on Ary.  You know how it is.  I have things…”  Lou’s voice maintained it’s fairly hushed tone.  His eyes flickered around the room seeking some type of assist.  Ark noticed, but would be of no help as usual.  A pillow simply brought up to protect himself and the dancing girl he was now entangled with.

“Ary, give Lou a break.”  The calm, clear voice of Kendrick rose up.  He hadn’t even bothered to lift his head from the holographic strategic maps he was reviewing.  Kendrick had the type of voice that didn’t have to be loud to be heard.  The tone of his smooth tenor carried more fire power than most others had in their turrets. 

A chuckle came from Detrick as their leader spoke up.  “Besides, haven’t you been moon lighting in Jita?”

“Hey, I gotta get paid some how.  Unless you’re ready to be my new Sugar Daddy?”  Her head and her aggression would turn to Detrick.  His response would be a simple indignant snort.  “Didn’t think so.” 

“Alright you slackers.”  Kendrick’s head finally lifted from the strat maps.  The image that was hanging in mid air flickered away.  “Let’s go.  Its hellcats and guardians tonight, armor bs if haven’t been training properly. ” He glanced to a few specific pilots.

It only took those words for the entire room to mobilize.  Eqsui and Lou would be staying behind but everyone else rose and migrated towards their quarters and thusly their ship hangers.

Their chill room was left in a state of suspended existence.  The hookah was put out and left out with his hoses slithering through the pillows.  The mobile ship analyzer was left out with a half done Brutix fit on its glowing screen.  Even the card game was stopped mid round with cards left at the player’s seats.  The ISK pot, however, was put away for safe keeping.  Even the dancers were left behind to their own devices content to lounge and enjoy some of the finer things that the Capsuleers have access too.

“You lucked out this time.”  Ary whispered the words as she rose from the place on the pillows. 

“Blow up something good for me?”  Lou reached up to tug at the end of Ary’s jacket as she turned to walk away.  She would turn long enough to cast a wink before disappearing down the corridor to get podded up.