Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'd Like to Announce; Rixx Javix is The Man

So.... As if we didn't all already know... Rixx Javix is the man.  He really is.  He is one of the people that will probably never cease to amaze me in positive and wonderful ways.  In his most recent episode of be a fantastic person, he jumped on board with my nutty idea of "The Power of 100 Voices"  and how to apply this to something I enjoy doing and do quite a bit anyway.

His contribution to the project was two-fold.  In Good Guy feat #1; he actually sent in audio!  That kind of support was more than I could have hoped for in the first place.  In Good Guy feat #2; he created this amazing background to go along with the add.  I'll give you a moment to guess what's replaced by Dramiel against a cool red nebulae over in Minmatar land.

After sending tweets and emailing the link to his post and pissing off my neighbors with the squealing, I decided to go be counter inspired.  Those that follow my EVE lust in all its forms probably spotted the news article over on Tech 4 News.  Well, since we're all being mutually creative; I made a in-character response about Rixx's support.  It seems that CreoDron has sparked some great EVE Online Metagame/Role-Play creativity.

Yes.  Drones. 

Who would have thought?!

And PS Rixx... I do have some posts that pack a bit of a punch.  :P


  1. I wonder if we could get this (and others) onto the in-game billboards?

  2. And now I think of it - onto the CQ screen. Displayed player content might encourage CQ use.

  3. awesome! I'm a bit humbled honestly, I was just trying to help out and it was a lot of fun putting the ad together. I originally wanted 100 drones, so all I see is my own laziness lol. Sigh, yes I have issues. Although I am A man, I'm not sure I'm THE man. Still working on it though.

    Can't wait to see the result of all of this however.