Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Power of 100 Voices: United Technologies of CreoDron

So as most of you know, I am one of the voices, writers and conceptual con-artists behind the delightful player facilitated immersion project knows as Tech4 News.  Don’t know Tech4 News is?  Then click here, but don’t forget to come back.

With that out of the way, back to my main point.  One of the writing duties I’ve taken on is commercials.  I have a personal passion for commercials.  By the age of 7 I had produced two infomercials (Wonder Weave and Healthy Berries) and by 15 I just knew that my purpose in life was to become a big time Advertising Executive with Bozell World Wide in their Paris, France office.  None of that happened, but I still like making commercials.

That’s where you the reader come in.  ‘What do I have to do with any of this?’, ‘What the hell is a Healthy Berry?’, ‘Where is this bus going and why is it so hot?’  These are probably some of the questions you are asking yourself.  There are probably other questions as well and the answer to those are ‘no’, ‘mostly on Wednesdays and Saturdays’ and ‘I swear it was like that when I got here, but I’d like to keep the cane and those ear muffs.’  I totally forgot where I was going with this paragraph so I’m going to skip to the next one now.

So this commercial thing.  I’m working on a new commercial for Tech4 News.  It’s about CreoDron, which in the lore of EVE produces drones.  Now we’ve taken a few liberties on expending what kind of drones they produce, but one would have to imagine that in a progressive and highly advanced society like New Eden, they’re more than just Repair, Combat and ECM drones.  I still haven’t answered the part about you, but stick with me, I’m getting there.

So you.  What do I want from you?  Your voice.  And no not in the 'creepy Ursula from The Little Mermaid, steal your voice and try to steal your man because I have a hard on for your dad' kind of way.  No.  What I want is more scary than that.  I want you to record the lines below.  All of them.  If your work is good, I’m going to put your voice in the commercial.  If you send me something weird, I’m going to montage it with the other weird crap I’m sure to get and play it on Voices. 

So, go my little EVE-Ites!  Record and then send the MP3 files to vandvpodcast(at)gmail(dot)com.  The "official dead line" for this is Friday Dec 23rd.  However, never fear!  I would like to do several versions of the commercial, so if you need a little more time that's cool too.



You never really think about them, but where would we be without our automaton friends?

The farms would fall silent and overgrown. The groceries would never arrive. The streets would fill with trash

More of our sons and daughters lives would be risked in relentless factories, on hostile worlds, in treacherous mines and in defense of our space.

Drones have many uses. But you and I both know their primary function is making our lives easier.

*short laugh*

But between you and me... you don't have to think about them.  Why?  Because that's our job.
CreoDron.  Yes.  Drones.


  1. I saw! I woke up this morning and was like... OH CRAP! I never went back and grammar checked that post!

  2. Sounds like an awesome project, so I sent something along that I hope helps.

  3. I may give this a shot when I get home.

  4. @ Rixx - Thank you so much! It was a great reading. I appreciate you supporting the effort.

    @Tsal - I'm looking forward to the contribution!

  5. Dani - no problem, you know I'll always try to help in any way I can. I also created a wallpaper parody sorta ad for you:

    Posted it up on Eveoganda and Twitter, so hopefully that helps also.

  6. Is the DRON in CreoDron pronounced DRONE or DRAWN?

  7. Poetic - good question, I went with the Drawn version since it didn't have an "e". But I don't know if that is correct or not. Although Dani said I did good. :)

  8. I'm confused. Why is some of the text in brackets? What does that mean?

  9. In the matter of 'drawn' vs 'drone':
    I have spoken with the wise council of WGoE. The decision is this...

    Dron is Tron, but with a D. That's how you pronounce it. The council has spoken

    In the matter of text in brackets:
    Those are editing notes that I make when I write layered commercials. You don't have to worry about that. I should probably remove them.

  10. the closest thing to Dron is Drone according to the Merriam Webster dictionary....so i would guess drone ( \ˈdrōn\ ).

  11. Recording sent, my first community contribution attempt.

  12. Bah, I got it recorded, but my software keeps crashing on export. Sigh.