Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tech4 News

I'd like to introduce to you all a new type of podcasting venture called Tech4 News.  Tech4 News is the brainchild of Seismic Stan from the Freebooted blog.  Along with Arydanika from Voices from theVoid and Angus Mc Decoy of Fly Reckless, the team of podcasters has come up with a EVE Online podcast unlike any other.  

Tech4 News is a completely in-character EVE Online podcast.   The concept of the podcast is that it is an independent news cast run by non-capsuleers who are investigating the mysteries that the Capsuleers are uncovering.  The podcast will follow the current in-character storylines generated within New Eden starting off with the Arek' Jaalan Project.  

The podcast has also been created to attract a wide audience.  While the main focus is to help generate interaction and conversation within the EVE Online role-playing community; we want anyone to be able to enjoy the storylines and entertainment the podcast has to offer.  We hope to entertain new players, non role-playing players as well as individuals who simply enjoy good Science Fiction.  

The podcast features four main characters all played by podcasters within the EVE Online Community.  There is the Gallente-born, ratings-driving lead anchor Paydas Adavaar voiced by Angus McDecoy.  Arydanika plays the bold and daring Minmatar field reporter Mielikki Valpuri.  Uriah Tedanih is the worldly and educated Amarrian staff science expert played by Seismic Stan.  Then Erin from Not A Lot of News Hour gives life to the cheeky, but very handy Minmatar staff engineering expert Sarkastinen"Sark" Insinoori.

The website for Tech4 has been launched and the first episode of the cast is ready for download.  The hard work and efforts of several different EVE Online players have come together to create this project.  We hope you'll find a few moments to listen and invite you to leave any feedback you may have. 

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