Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Listen to the Voices ATX 2011: An Update

In less than three weeks the Listen to the Voices ATX Meet-up will be here and everyday I’m getting more excited.  Most places I have a calendar, the date it highlighted and when  I look at them I feel like a kid counting down to Christmas or their birthday.  Not surprisingly, I’m cool with those particular vibes.

Each passing days little pieces of the puzzle are coming together.  I’m in the final planning stages with CCP Daishi and CCP Soundwave for the different events and giveaways we’ll do.  I have been assured that some wonderful goodies from the EVE Online Store will be available for those that are brave enough to participate.  I just hope that those coming will be as excited about winning the swag as I am about giving it away.

Jason, Tegh Rhind and I have also taken the liberty of getting some podcast and event specific swag to give away as well.  Any good Hostess (or Host) will make sure their invited guests will have something memorable to take home with them and I’m no exception.  Plus this is Texas so Southern Hospitality is a must.  That’s why everyone who RSVPs will get some Listen to the Voices ATX swag just for showing up and making the event a success. 

The community response to the event has been bigger then I could have ever hoped.  Almost 50 players have RSVPed on the Listen to the Voices Facebook page and another 10 or so have signed up on the EVE-O Forums.  Of course some of these may be cross posted, but that’s still a better response than I could have predicted. 

I did try to get the word out as best I could, but in a community as massive as EVE Online it was a little challenging.  Of course I went the obvious route and made posts on the EVE-O forums.  The post was stickyed on the “old” forums and I’m still waiting on that sticky for the post on the new forums.  [Insert comic clearing of throat at CCP Daishi here.]  Then there’s the event posting on the Facebook page, ads on my own podcast as well as Jason’s.  I also put up a little something on Reddit seeing as how 1 of every 3 Austin EVE Online players seems to be in TEST. 

Even with all that people are still posting “I just found out about this.’  Are you people living under rocks or what?

So that’s the basics of where things are with the meet-up.  I can’t wait to meet those of you that will be attending.  Make sure you come ready to eat, drink, be merry and socialize.  There are also a couple of other things that you should come ready to do.  That has more to do with the events though so if you want to go home with a little something extra… I suggest you check out the blog post Listen to the Voices ATX 2011: Contests & Give-Aways

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