Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Listen to the Voices ATX 2011: Contests and Giveaways

The following is a follow up to the post: Listen to theVoices ATX 2011: An Update.  This particular post details the fun giveaways and contests that we plan to hold at the Meet-Up.  Pay close attention because some of the contests have specific instructions that you need to follow.  I wouldn’t want you missing out because of a silly technicality.

If you've been directed to this blog, but have no idea what Listen to the Voices 2011 is... Then check out the LttV Facebook event page or the LttV Events & Gatherings post on the EVE-O Forums.

See you there New Eden.

Pod Breaker
The sucky thing about going to gaming conventions or meet-ups is that you usually don’t know anyone there.  Well, never fear.  We have a plan to fix all of that.  For the first event of the night, we’ll be doing a little something called a Pod Breaker.  Think of it as an EVE Online scavenger hunt, but you’re looking for pilots.  Attendees present will be given a list and it will be their job to find a pilot that has achieved the listed items in game.  Now you won’t be able to use the same pilot twice so… you better get socializing. 

The Swag-Off
Pilots attending the meet up are encouraged to bring along their most unique pieces of EVE Online memorabilia.  Not only to you get to prove that you’re the coolest pilot in the station and allow others to bask in your glory, but you also have a chance to win even more cool swag.  That’s right.  The most unique pieces of swag will be rewarded with… more great swag.

EVE is Real… Oh so real
This event is for you more creative types out there.  For this event, we want to see how much you get in to Eve Online by seeing whose avatar resembles them the most.  Now it doesn’t have to be your main on display.  You’re more than welcome to create a custom alt just for the event.  Just remember to show up with a picture of the character so our judges can see how real your EVE Online experience is.
Note:  15 pilots must participate for prizes to be awarded.  To participate, please bring a picture of your avatar with you.  Print outs and pictures on smartphones will be accepted. 

This one time… In EVE Online
EVE Online is a single-shard universe where absolutely anything can happen and we want you hear your story.  Come tell us your story of tragic loss, epic triumph or a tale absolutely boggle the mind.  Rip off a corp for billions of ISK?  Take down a massive freighter full of BPO’s in your rifter?  Get tricked in to becoming a council member and diplo director for an alliance that lost 72 plexes in a freaking destroyer?  Whatever the case is, we want to hear about.  The most spectacular and entertaining tales will walk away with… you guessed it.  Spectacular prizes from the EVE Online Store.
Note:  To participate bring a small summery write up of your experience with you.  The top stories will be selected to present to our "judges panel" for a chance to win prizes.  All entries must be received by 6:00pm CST the day of the event to be considered. 

Fantasy Feature
Hey all your amateur game designers.  Here’s your chance to showcase that great idea for a new EVE Online feature that’s been rolling around in the back of your mind.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an idea for a new ship, module or even a game mechanic.  Make sure you tie up those loose ends and add those finishing touches because not only will your idea land you a chance to win some sweet swag, but you’ll also be getting some dev feedback from the one, the only, the bro… CCP Soundwave.
Note: Please bring a small printed summery of your fantasy feature feature with you.  All summaries will be reviewed and the best will be selected to pitch their ideas to CCP Soundwave.  All entries must be received by 6:00pm CST the day of the event to be considered. 

LttV NFL Football Pool
As you all know the meet up is being held on Sunday.  And nothing goes along with an Austin, TX Sunday like the NFL.  Lucky for us Lavaca Street Bar and Grill has 21 flat screen TV’s to catch all the action, so we’ll be taking advantage of that and doing our own NFL Football pool.  At the bottom of this blog post you’ll find the games that are scheduled that day.  Pick your winners and e-mail them to vandvpodcast(AT)gmail(dot)com.  If you’re the pilot with the highest score, you’ll score yourself a swag filled touchdown. 
Note: Only points for games that have completed will be counted.  Entries must be submitted prior to Saturday October 8th 11:59 CST.  Winner will be called at the end of the event.  15 pilots must participate for prizes to be awarded.
Listen to the Voices NFL Picks For Oct 9th
New Orleans
Your Winner:
Your Winner:
Your Winner:
Kansas City
Your Winner:
Tampa Bay
San Francisco
Your Winner:
New York J.
New England
Your Winner
Your Winner:
New York G.
Your Winner:
Your Winner:
Your Winner:
San Diego
Your Winner:

In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be determined by who guesses the closest scores for the Oakland @ Houston Game.
Oakland Score:
Houston Score:

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