Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Monday: The Chill Room

The acrid scent of tobacco and other smokables mixed with fragrance of stale perfume and spilled alcohol was the first thing one would notice when entering the decently sized chill room.  Thick wisps of smoke hovered in the air creating a fitting atmosphere of intrigue and danger.  Muted background conversations buzzed softly, the words could barely be made out over the sound of music being piped in.  It was Matari music, music weighted with drums and passion.

Most would view the little establishment in the back-galaxy solar system of UHKL-N as a den of debauchery, greed and murder.  Only the most depraved and degenerate type of capsuleer sought refuge here and those that maintained offices there were happy to keep it that way.  For Ary, this was home.  The place she laid her boots and docked her ships now they had all moved back out to null sec space. 

They seemed more like family rather then random individuals brought together by a single minded purpose.  That purpose was to wreak as much havoc across the universe as possible.  Even though practices such as espionage, thievery and out right brutality were among their best practices, there was a deep bond that connected them and that was what made them so dangerous. 

Only a few hung out in the chill room tonight.  Small groups and pairings scattered lazily over the small space with a d├ęcor that could be defined as a mix of pleasure hub and strategic planning room with elements of a trophy case.  Pieces of furniture had had been procured from various sources ensuring the forever bachelor pad feel the place had.  Really it wasn’t so bad when you took a look at the ‘Vitok Hotel’ style of quarters most stations offered to Capsuleers.

Off at a table towards the back the Big Daddy’s were busy with the night’s plans.  Kennedy, Detrick, Ramon and Lucas were the driving force behind the small corporation.  They ensured the group had everything they needed as well as keep everyone in line.  Decent space for flipping some quick ISK, targets to shoot at and ops to keep their band of merry thugs focused enough to keep from killing each other and their alliance mates.  They even provided limited ship replacements and allowed the more tenured members access to corporation owned modules and other necessities.  All in all, their efforts made life out in the ass end of space suck a little less. 

There were a few other groups huddled at a couple of tables.  KC and Kos were busy arguing over a Brutix fit while Equsi was busy mocking them for actually wasting time on Brutix fits.  There was also a poker game started up with four of the pilots staring at their cards and each other intently.  A good share of ISK has been won and lost with the game showing no signs of slowing down. 

Ark was sprawled out on a large set of beaten and battered floor pillows along with Miller and a couple of Gallante dancers that he picked up the near by low sec hub.  In the center of the pillows was a rather tall and elaborately designed hookah with several hoses.  One rested by Ark and still had a faint trail of smoke trailing from the metal tip.

“You couldn’t wait 10 minutes?  Addict.”  The pointed jab of comment was laced with truth as well as jest.  The low purr of Ary’s voice softened the blow, but not by much.  Drugs were common among the group.  All of them used on some level and the spectrum ranged from high grade boosters to some harder substances here and there. 

“Maybe if you trained some propulsion skills you wouldn’t be so fucking slow and I wouldn’t have to wait so long.”  Ark was no gentleman and came right back at her at full force. 

Ary’s only response would be to pick up the hookah hose and throw it at his face.  This too was blocked with a simple gesture of his hand.  The stoned dancing girl curled up to his side tittered until she noticed Ary’s unamused stare.  The girl’s attention would shift as she cleared her throat.  Her delicate fingers wrapped around the metal tip placing it to Ark’s lips.  He would oblige her and simply cast a smirk to Ary. 

“Asshole.”  The word was muttered under Ary’s breath as she went to take a seat beside Lou.  The faintly malicious expression on her face turned softer as she rang her fingers through Lou’s rust colored hair.  He was starting to thin out at the top, but she thought it gave his look more character.  “And how’s the favorite Ginger?”

“I’m good.”  The capsuleer would turn and gave her that shy smile of his.  His eyes would flicker down to the Hookah hose he was holding.  A drag of the ‘naturally enhanced’ plant was taken before he pointed the smoking tip towards her. 

“You’re a terrible influence on me Lou.  You know that right?”  Her body couched down as she moved between the dancing Miller was pawing at and Lou.  His offer was accepted graciously and she allowed her body to slide comfortably in to the pillows below her.  After a few long drags, her head rolled towards to Lou and her eyes lifted upwards him.  “You’re coming with us tonight right?”

“No…  Not tonight.”  He hemmed slightly as he started to brace himself for the oncoming backlash.  Right on cue Ary shot up from her reclined position.  Those dark eyes were now narrowed and staring intently in to his.

“What do you mean your not coming?”  Her tone had grown louder and much more demanding.

The other conversations that had been carrying in the room grew a bit softer at the Matari’s outburst.  Equsi leaned over to Kos and gave him a nudge in the ribs.  Darq, who was over at the poker table, a nod of his head towards the two.  The dancer beside Mullet was startled.  He leaned over to a nibble and whisper to her ear, but it would do little to ease her discomfort.  Mullet simple shrugged and continued to enjoy himself.

“Aww, come on Ary.  You know how it is.  I have things…”  Lou’s voice maintained it’s fairly hushed tone.  His eyes flickered around the room seeking some type of assist.  Ark noticed, but would be of no help as usual.  A pillow simply brought up to protect himself and the dancing girl he was now entangled with.

“Ary, give Lou a break.”  The calm, clear voice of Kendrick rose up.  He hadn’t even bothered to lift his head from the holographic strategic maps he was reviewing.  Kendrick had the type of voice that didn’t have to be loud to be heard.  The tone of his smooth tenor carried more fire power than most others had in their turrets. 

A chuckle came from Detrick as their leader spoke up.  “Besides, haven’t you been moon lighting in Jita?”

“Hey, I gotta get paid some how.  Unless you’re ready to be my new Sugar Daddy?”  Her head and her aggression would turn to Detrick.  His response would be a simple indignant snort.  “Didn’t think so.” 

“Alright you slackers.”  Kendrick’s head finally lifted from the strat maps.  The image that was hanging in mid air flickered away.  “Let’s go.  Its hellcats and guardians tonight, armor bs if haven’t been training properly. ” He glanced to a few specific pilots.

It only took those words for the entire room to mobilize.  Eqsui and Lou would be staying behind but everyone else rose and migrated towards their quarters and thusly their ship hangers.

Their chill room was left in a state of suspended existence.  The hookah was put out and left out with his hoses slithering through the pillows.  The mobile ship analyzer was left out with a half done Brutix fit on its glowing screen.  Even the card game was stopped mid round with cards left at the player’s seats.  The ISK pot, however, was put away for safe keeping.  Even the dancers were left behind to their own devices content to lounge and enjoy some of the finer things that the Capsuleers have access too.

“You lucked out this time.”  Ary whispered the words as she rose from the place on the pillows. 

“Blow up something good for me?”  Lou reached up to tug at the end of Ary’s jacket as she turned to walk away.  She would turn long enough to cast a wink before disappearing down the corridor to get podded up.

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