Monday, March 5, 2012

[Happy Monday] Choices

“So who’s it going to be?” The question came abruptly. His tenor easily reached across the room. The man asking approached the table with a half cocked swagger. Mitchell was notorious for walking around like he owned the place, only this time he did as they were in his quarters.

Captian’s Quarter’s. What a joke. They were more like hovels with a couch, a few expensive screens and a cot. Even with their limited amenities and janitor's closet similarities; the rooms went for ISK and that alone made them luxury items. If the rooms were a joke their status was certainly the punchline.

He used his boot to kick out the chair across from her. A satisfied sign came as he dropped in to the seat. One of the cans he was carrying was pushed towards her while he own was cracked open while he spoke. “You have to make a decision sooner or later, plus... it’s not like there’s really that much of a selection to choose from.”

Ary said nothing for the moment. She choose to bide her time by giving entirely too much attention to the metallic can. Her thumb gingerly brushed over the surface sliding away the thin film of precipitation. The tips of her index and middle fingers curled around the tab to slowly crack open the can of Quafe and taking a long drink.

The answer would eventually come in the form of a faint shrug of her shoulders. Her eyes drifted off towards the large screens on the far wall as a bounty advertisement came up. A silent hope made that he didn’t press the issue. “I wonder if they’re going to take a look at the bounty system this cycle. Most of them are just... badges of honor.”

“Oh fuck that. You’re gonna fucking tell me.” He took the half empty and crumpled cigarette pack from his pocket and pulled one out before tossing the pack to the table and lighting it. A hard exhale sent a burst of smoke in the air. “What? It’s only the Council of Stellar Management. They’re just a handful of high-profile capsuleers that attempt to give Concord useful advice about ship spec regulations and policy which they don’t usually listen to. Not that they have to listen. All it really amounts to is a special tag on GalNet. Not like I asked you to name your past life in a bowl of leaves or whatever weird shit your people do.”

“You’re an ass and that’s not and accurate assessment. What about this summer with the NeX Store and the new currency. A good portion of New Eden was in arms. Another portion just... couldn’t take it anymore. It’s like the cluster fell in to depression.” Her voice drifted off. A few seconds of silence passed as scenes of Jita, dissidence, rage & chaos flickered through her mind.

“They helped fix it. Got Concord on the right path. Again. Or finally. Never really sure which one. They were able to get some of the blaster and railgun restrictions removed. They pushed the permits to allow some of the shipyards to release new hulls... I’m not saying that it was all them, but they helped. They were able to collect the last bit of momentum that was needed for Concord to see the light. Just like the past ones have helped or tried to help in different ways.”

“Well, all eyes on Concord right now. These war declaration sanctions and proposed changes to the factional warfare agreements are a big deal.” Another lengthy drag was taken from the cigarette. His finger tapping absently against the lid of the can. “But that doesn’t answer my question.”

“I know, but haven’t decided yea. It’s just that..”

“No. Fuck that. There’s only a handful of viable candidates.” He cut her off before she could finish. The call to a bluff she hadn’t made yet. “The bloc candidates and then the real contenders. Yea, there’s 40 something of them running, but you already know which ones are most likely going to get in to the top 14. Plus you’re not going to waste your vote on a long shot. Plus... shouldn’t your vote already be spoken for anyway.”

She rolled her eyes as he rattled on. Another long drink of Quafe taken. The corners of her mouth turned down as a sudden bitter hit. The can turned to check the expiration date. They were out in low sec. Mitchell had moved to a little Caldari system that had a nice high sec entry and a fair amount of traffic flow. Still, there was no telling when his last supply run in to Jita was.

“Are you done?” Her tone flat and her expression unamused.

“Yes.” He tried to mock her expression. The dramatics were rewarded with a quick snort of stifled laughter and roll of her eyes.

“You’re right on all of those counts. Which is why I haven’t decided. Do I vote with my brethren and call it a day or do I give that vote to someone who needs it? Who would make the best use of it? And you’re right. The war declaration sanctions and the faction warfare stuff is a big deal. It needs to go well and I think it’s important that Concord has the right people in their eyes. There’s a few more candidates I need to research, but I have a bit more time.”

“Plus you’ve never been known for doing what you’re told.” He leaned back and gave her a long glance. “Just sayin’.”

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