Friday, March 9, 2012

CSM 7 Plugs and What Not

It is Council of Stellar Management [CSM] time. A time of Internet spaceship politicians, platforms and lots of solid discussion about game theory, game design and the future of this game we luv so much. Every year the awareness of the CSM increases and this year the increase is exponential. More votes were cast on the first day of the CSM7 election than were cast during the entire voting first for the first CSM. Even more amazing, the first 24 hours of voting amassed more votes than “Super Tuesday Primaries” of the United Stated Presidential election. (link)

So what is the CSM? Why are they so important? Why should anyone care?

The EVElopedia has this to say about CSM:
The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is a player-elected council to represent the views of the players to CCP.

In the VandV CSM7 Heavy Weight show, Trebor Daehdoow (CSM5 & 6 delegate and 7 candidate) called the CSM a “player elected advocacy group.” Both are generally the same thing, but I think Trebor’s description is more accurate. The CSM should be the voice of the players, but they should advocating things they are good for the game. While their “constituents” may want buffs to nanos or more power in their doomsday device;; the CSM should be working for the over all good of EVE Online. At least that’s what I want them to do.

I beleive that all candidates should have certain qualities regardless of their current play style. They should have a fair amount of game experience and under game nuance and mechanics. They should have the ability to view the game in broad scope and terms. They should have the ability to clearly articulate and interact well with others. These are what I feel the base qualities of CSM6 were. It worked well for them and if it’s not broke; don’t fix it.

Many bloggers are weighting in with their CSM thoughts and endorsement and some are even doing a little finger wagging. If you’re one of my readers and are unsure of who to vote for; I do have several suggestions if your interested. If you’re one of my readers, have voted and just enjoy reading what I wright, then you’re just awesome and I invite you to read on for the sheer pleasure and fun!

Glowing Endorsements
Blake Armitage: Multifaceted Indy
Blake is the consummate industrialist in and out of the game. Not only is he plugged in to indy’s in game, but he’s also entrenched in the 3rd party developer community. He also dabbles in worm holes and null sec life. This is his first time running, but I think he has great “new blood” potential.

Mike Azariah: The People’s Candidate
Mike is all about the people. The way he talks it seems like he’s a blank canvas waiting for the community’s voice to splash color over him so he can display that to CCP. He’s also a big advocate of communication which seemed a little lacking for CSM6. This will be his 3rd attempt at obtaining a place on the CSM and I hope the 3rd time is a charm.

Hans Jagerblitzen: Political Playboy
I don’t mean the playboy in the girlie magazine Hugh Heffner kind of way. However, this man is a charmer. His charisma is off the charts and he knows his stuff when it comes to spaceships too. When it comes to faction warfare and low sec, he’s the full package. I don’t think anyone has campaigned as hard as this man and I’m positive he’ll land somewhere in the 14.

Trebor Daehdoow: The Energizer Advocate
If you’re looking for a candidate that will work tirelessly to make this game better. If you’re looking for a candidate that puts in over 9000% to everything they do. If you’re looking for a candidate that is committed to making this game everything that is good and wholesome (in relation to eve); then Trebor is your dude. Hands down.

Two Step: The Little Alt That Could
The definition of “Taking Initiative” should have a picture of this guy beside it. Two Step was voted in to the alternate list, but he stepped up to his role in the CSM like a full delegate. He helped bring us meeting notes for meetings he didn’t attend. He spoke up and stepped up when it was needed. If he put this much effort in to being an Alt, imagine what he can do if he gets in to the top seven.

Now you may or may not be asking; who did you vote for Dani? I can tell you I didn’t vote for any of these dude. If I had that many accounts I would have. Alas, I only have two. So who did my votes go to? Well I’ll tell ya.

My Two Cents Votes
Seleene: The Full Package
The title says it all. He was once a developer for CCP. He can fly all levels of ships for pvp. He runs a corporation in Pandemic Legion and has an on-the-side industrial corp. He knows this game. I think his voice on the CSM is a wonderful asset that will only improve whatever efforts the CSM push for. Seleene for CSM7.

Alekseyev Karrde: Man With A Plan
Aleks is another one stop shop when it comes to what to look for in a candidate. He was an active member of CSM4 and was part of the group that obtain stakeholder status for CSM. He’s the CEO of Noir. Mercenary Group and has seem most every pvp situation there is. His employers are from every sector of space, meaning his operated in ever sector of space & knows the hardships of combat & industrial life. As he says, he’s able to speak intelligently about various mechanics and see things from many sides.

So there it is. My weight-in and view of this years election. The most important thing is that you get out there and go vote. So go. Go vote! NOW! Scoot!


PS - And yes. Everyone that I endorsed did appear on VandV.  How else am I supposed to get to know and silent judge the candidates?

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  1. I completely understand why you voted for both of these fine gentlemen. Seleen is very impressive. Aleks is also not a wasted vote in my opinion. Some accuse him of being very narrow campaign oriented but he is well rounded in a lot of game play aspects.

    Good choices.