Monday, February 27, 2012

[Happy Monday] United Technologies of CreoDron

The Story
Normally on Happy Monday, I do some fiction writing. Well, I should say in the past I’ve occasionally released a fiction piece on Monday. Happy Monday is supposed to be a weekly feature of the blog, but I suck at doing the weekly blog thing. I do hope to keep this particular feature steady in the future. In keeping with that hope (and with commitment I made last year), I present you fiction of the audio kind.

Last December, I wrote a blog post detailing an ambitious idea. The idea was to take the power of the Eve community and use it for some kind of crazy, fun role-play project. After finding an old CreoDron ad that I had written; I had my project. I was going to turn the ad in to a type of United Colors of Bennington spoof which morphed the ad in to a “United Technologies of CreoDron” advertising campaign.

The campaign caught on better than I expected. 13 capsuleers lent their voices to make this project a success. The best vocal contribution came from Kirith Kodatchi who voiced several different readings including something a little Yoda-ish & some strange cocktail of Scottish, Irish and Canadian. The best surprise came from Rixx Javix who created an absolutely astounding background to go along with the campaign.

I want to give a big thank you to all the Eve Online Community members who pitched in with their talents. All of you are what make this game and this community great. The you for sharing some of the best talent this side of the Eve Gate.

Awesome People Roll Call
Adhar Khorin
Kirith Kodatchi
Mean Harri
Mord Fiddle
Nina Arens
Pastrick B.
Rixx Javix
Skylah Fairchilde


  1. pretty good. do you plan on doing other ads for other corps?

  2. pretty good. any plans to do ads for any of the other corps?

  3. @Kirith Kodachi - Glad you liked it. Thank you for lending a voice... or several.

    @MarkusBrisbane - Thank you. As for more, it all depends on what kind of reason or motivation I have to do one.