Monday, August 15, 2011

Voices from the Void: Episode 17

In this edition of Voices from the Void Podcast, Arydanika and Hallan Turrek bring all that EVE Online goodness to you that you love so much.  In Weekly game play they discuss Hallan’s rise to power and Dani’s lulz pretending to be a Pirate in Placid.  The News is filled with the latest in-game happenings including the Southern Conflict, the Northern Clean Up, IEG and Sniggwaffe falling out with their counterparts and of course the Phaser Inc Ponzi Scheme.  The Blog Spotlight is all about EVEOGANDA. Then CCP Manifest & CCP Hekatonkheires jump right in to the middle of the creaming filling for an inside look at

Check out the podcast here.
Check out the full length interview here

Also, we've updated The News segment.  It's now being packaged on it's own with some snazzy new video editing.  Enjoy!

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