Thursday, August 11, 2011

He’s a tramp… but I love him*

This is the blog post of an mad black woman.

I’m Mad Bro
I have finally learned what it means to be heartbroken.  I never thought it would happen to me to be honest.  It seems Cruelty would see fit to rear its head and find its way in to my life. 

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Who would be so fiendish?”  You might wonder if it was recipient of tear extraction services currently offered by my corp in Oulley.  Sadly no.  Perhaps it was the work of some crazed Eve News 24 troll hell bent on spreading their special brand of “gud poasting.”  This is not the answer either.

Truly the answer will shock and surprise you.  I know I was.  I never thought that a fellow #TweetFleeter, a bloggist, a capsuleer of many talents would be the one to strike this blow.  Just who is this cad?  This rouge?  This villan?  It’s none other than… Rixx Javix.

To the Crux of the Matter….
What atrocity has the Scoundrel of EVEOGANDA committed?  He made a pony AND a unicorn hat and gave them to people other than me.  I repeat.  He made a pony AND a unicorn hat and gave them to people other than me.  

No Seriously.  WTF.

I, the capsuleer who has a glitter farting unicorn (gFU) award on their podcast, did not get the pony or unicorn hat.

I, the capsuleer who made a set of World of Darkness ponies for fun, did not get the pony or unicorn hat.

I, the capsuleer that is referred to as “The Pony Queen”, did not get the pony or unicorn hat.

Because he -had- to be drunk to make this decision right?

But seriously…
Rixx Javix is one of my favorites when it comes to the EVE Online blogosphere.  His tongue in cheek humor combined with a ‘devil may care’ attitude and warped sense of humor; make his blog one of the most enjoyable reads around.  I look forward to his updates and the blog is a first click when it shows bold on my Andriod’s Google Reader.

His almost daily updates are a constant source of entertainment.  When you combine those with the visual feast of his artwork; EVEOGANDA makes for the full package.  You can even take a little piece of the man with you by getting your own commissioned art work (he does a smashing job). 

So check him out at his site.  I’m positive you’ll end up enjoying yourself.  Even is Rixx Javix is a dastardly scalawag!  Oh.. and thanks for the hat.  :D

:D  I lewt da hat.

a few hours later...

I think a couple of dogs went deaf when I first saw this.

*The title is a reference to the song "He's a Tramp" by Peggy Lee featured in the Disney cartoon feature "The Lady and the Tramp."  I think it's fitting.


  1. I was leaving for a meeting this morning that was going to take most of the day when I noticed this on Twitter. As I was riding along to the meeting I read it and started laughing almost immediately, not a scoffing harsh laugh, but one filled more with good spirit. I honestly had no idea this would mean so much to you, even with the knowledge ahead of time of your interests. For that I apologize, certainly the Twitter hats are meant to bring joy, laughter and smiles to boys and girls everywhere. Never tears.

    So I have made you a special hat today. I'll post it up on the Twitter Page once I get back from my trip. And just so you know, I am typing this all out on my iPhone which is extremely hard to do.

    Hope you enjoy the new hat. RJ

  2. You are amazing Sir. I had to update the blog just for that.