Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Introducing: The EVE Pod Pack

So apparently, I don't have enough to do. No. Producing a podcast, writing a blog, planning a meet-up, learning video editing, playing 2 accounts and then all that real life stuff just aren't enough. I had to get my hands into another pie. Just what is this other pie? The EVE Pod Pack.

After several e-mails between Rixx Javix, the proud new daddy of the EVE Blog Pack, I asked if I could have a hand at administrating the podcast version of the EVE Blog Pack. Rixx gave his blessing and off I went. After a few days of information collection and a few hours of web design, the fruits of my labor can be found here:

Click Here to Visit the EVE Pod Pack Site

The site is still in development as far as I am concerned. A brief explain is up as well as expectations for the podcasts included in the pack. There is a section on iterations I would like to see in the future including a combined podcast feed. Also, like the EVE Blog Pack, I will have a special icon stating the site is part of the pod pack for the various websites to display.

Now I do need some help with all of this. Podcasters, please send me your info! I'd like to have update icons from each of you as well as a brief description about your podcast. The information I have up for your podcast current is what I was able to pull up from the deep crevices of the internet where our podcasts lurk. Of course I'm open to feedback. If there is anything you think I should add to the site, please speak up!

My main purpose and goal with all of this is to promote the work of people who are passionate about EVE Online and to connect them to listeners who want this type of material. I want to do right by CCP, my fellow podcasters and the community by taking up this project. Thank you to Rixx Javix letting me take a crack at this. This is a big opportunity as well as a big task. I'm going to do my best to fulfill it.

Ciao for now

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