Friday, April 29, 2011

The Plight of the Newbie

On Saturday night I had the wonderful experience of being a guest host along with Angus McDecoy on the podcast "Eve Commune" hosted by Garheade and Chainer Cygnus.  If any of you have the opportunity to join these three in -any- projects they do... do it.  Don't even thinking about it.  Just say yes and hang on for the ride of your life.

Eve Commune along with Garheade and Chainer Cygnus are associated with Project Halibut.  It's a little project with a crazy name and an awesome mission.  The purpose of Project Halibut it to assist new player's and prepare them for the huge learning curve of EVE Online.  Not only do they assist with skill books, starter ships and mods, but they give new players something they all desperately need... a voice of reason and experience.

If you listened to the podcast, you heard some of my own n00b faux-pas.  I learned the hard way that guns do not go on salvage boats to the tune of -2.something security status.  I also learned that some the best game assistance is not always in-game.  There are also plenty of other amazingly dumb thing I did, but listening them all off would put this post in to the tl;dr category.  Rather then going on and on about stupid mistakes I made; I do want to highlight some things that I believe all new players should know.

Joining a Player Corp is a GOOD Thing
I've noticed that a lot of new players that come in to the game alone are hesitant about joining player owned corporations.  I understand their hesitation as the first rule of EVE Online is; Trust no one.  However, new players being overly paranoid about joining player owned corps is grossly counterproductive to their in-game development.  Don't get me wrong, healthy paranoia is good, but shooting yourself in the foot due to your paranoia is... well... bad.

Player owned corporations boast a huge number of benefits.  They have experienced players who are more inclined to give you "good" advice, they offer boosts and bonuses, they provide inclusion in large scale activities (mining ops, incursions, gang pvp, etc) and there's a nice long laundry list of other great reasons to join player corps.  Give player corps a chance new players.  Just don't give them your isk (joining fees are -always- a scam).

You Tube and Google are Your Friend
The best tutorials for EVE Online are the ones made by players.  You will find these tutorials by searching on You Tube, The EVE-O (EVE Online) forums and just by using Google.  As awesome as CCP is at doing what they do; they're not so great at making road maps that make sense to outsiders.   There have been many times where I felt I had taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

Fly What You "CAN" fly and can Afford
Just because you have battleship 3 doesn't mean you're able to fly a battleship.  There's a lot that goes into the training process for ships.  You need to make sure you have the right skills when it comes to capacity, power grid, CPU, armor/shield tanking, gunnery/missile/laser skills, etc, etc, etc.  Simply because you can get in to a ship, doesn't mean you can fly it well.  What's the point of having a Dominix with a 10K tank?

This brings me to my other point of flying what you can afford.  I'll paint you a scene.  Johnny buys a fully fit Dramiel for 100Mil off contract.  However, with ratting, PI and salvaging Johnny's monthly income is only 25Mil.  When (not if) Johnny looses this Dramiel... he's going to be screwed. 

Here's another little tip.  CCP doesn't like it when you muscle in their terf.  It's their job to screw the players, but that's another blog post.

Project Halibut Website
Project Halibut In-Game Channel - Project Halibut

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