Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On That Grind I: Atonement

After finishing my first play through of Borderlands and completing the Zombie Island DLC over 4 days with approximately 30 hours of play time; I figured it was time for another game. Why not Eve Online? Eve Online is a fine game full of rich content that can, has and will continue to keep my occupied. A game so fine I even have a podcast and utterly neglected blog about it.

When I log in to Eve Online, I usually give myself a particular goal or purpose. Sometimes it’s simple and something like “there was a jabber ping and I’m going to go rep the hell out of some people.” Other times it’s a little more frivolous and I just want to chat it up in some of the channels I’m in, get some footage of ships or pretend to do some market trading.

On this occasion my mission was simple. I wanted to work on my security status. Currently, I’m sitting at a -8.8. Most of that is left over from my time in WSHOT just after Wildly Inappropriate downsized from an alliance to a corporation. While looking for a new alliance we parked ourselves in Oulley and went to town on the local residents. This resulted in a -10 for a few of my corp mates as well as myself.

Since then I’ve picked at my security status off and on. I sat at approximately -6 for a while, but then Burn Jita happened. I couldn’t help myself and in a few days I was back to -8.8. Totally not worth it. The event only resulted in a couple of pod kills and a shuttle kill report for me. Unfortunately not many FCs were skilled in working with pilots with poor security status. It was a known risk, but I made the best of it.

Holy shit I'm bad at this.
Now for my own nefarious reasons I plan to eat my way back down to at least a -2.0. That is my goal. My far, far away goal which seems unachievable at this moment. It will a really tough journey for me, but it will be worth it. I originally planned to wait until “Security Status 4 Tags” was implemented. Then I got the feeling I would be missing out on one of the “veteran” experiences of Eve.

Grinding your security status up is a painful experience. Still, there’s part of me that feel like working the grind is just as much of a bragging right as wrecking my security status in the first place. Plus, I was a very bad girl to get all the way to true -10.0. Maybe a little atonement for my crimes against internet spaceships isn’t such a bad thing.

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