Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Eve - Out of the Game

Gaming has become something more than just gaming. The word was once a simple verb, but now it has grown up and matured into a noun. Gaming is a thing, a way of life and an entity all its own. Eve Online is a haven that helped this transition come to pass.

I don’t think anyone sane would willing argue against Eve Online having a vibrant Meta-Game culture. In game, there’s a whole world of space ships, pirates, pioneers, carebears, politics, intrigues and all sorts of surprises. Outside the game, that delightful bouquet of in-game experience blossoms and flourishes into verdant fields of frienemies, gentleman’s agreements, news hounding, gossip and circles of camaraderie, knowledge sharing and interconnected experience that spans across counties, languages and any other barrier man could think to erect. Just thinking about it all makes me smile. It also makes me feel very unique and connected in a non-conventional way.

When I speak to friends who delve into other entertaining gaming options like Mass Effect 3, Skyrim (love that game) or World of Warcraft; they look at me a little funny when I tell them about Eve’s meta-game. They don’t understand that someone from an enemy alliance messaged me on skype to ask me if I’m up for a game of League of Legends or to tell me a hilarious story about them FCing a cruiser fleet. They don’t really understand why I pour so much of my energy in and time in a podcast I don’t get paid to produce. They don’t get why “standard comms” has extended to jabber and “optional comms” are now things like G+ and Twitter. They may not get it, but we get it.

I don’t think there are many games that can inspire so many of its players to creativity. The creative community in Eve gives me chills, laughs and at times causes my jaw to drop to the ground. There are movies better than main stream cinema, heart racing pvp videos, exploration documentaries, fan fiction stories, multiple kinds of art work including match stick and Lego models, paintings and digital art and even pumpkin carvings and baked goods. The best part about it all is that I get to participate in this too.

My participation in this type of meta-game is no secret. I have about seven parody songs published and even more written and waiting for me to catch the nerve to actual sing. I’ve been lucky to have a parody commercial highlighted by the powers that be behind the CCP Social Media camp (Hi Manifest!). Then the podcast is the obvious one. However, I’ve dabbled in to something new.

Recently, The Mittani has announced a “GSF Culture Revolution.” Really it’s more like a bad habits house cleaning. This particular revolution focuses on bad habits in fleet comms and over played idioms that have become extinct on the Something Awful forums. Rather than fill my blog with more :words: I’ll let my art do the talking. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.


What's propaganda without a little TSU? This also won me 500m ISK.

This was originally an ad for VD.  Photoshop is an amazing thing.

This one was the easiest, but I really like the final result.

Someone in jabber posted the original randomly and the idea came instantly.

I promised this was my last one. GSF directors were complaining I was going to break the alliance wallet.

At this point I'm checking myself in to re-hab.

And I fubared something. Kalaratiri left a comment on my blog.  I tried to accept it by using my phone.  My phone decided that I wanted to delete the comment instead.  Yay... touch screens.  Here's the comment.  
Not sure if Serious™
But I really hope you are :) It's be nice if Goons were actually growing up a little.
Yes, I am. 


  1. No more Anon comments I see. Well then, I shall have to replace what I would have said with a simple, "Glad to see this coming to pass."

  2. What? Goons reducing the amount of misogyny? I must be dreaming...

    But if true, the campaign manages to do something good, while still managing to piss people off (through the use of the 'Culture Revolution' moniker) :)

  3. Although I'm sure this is no surprise, I LOVE the first two posters! Also very interested to see where this idea of a GSF Culture Revolution ends up going.

  4. "Yes, I am."

    Glad to hear it :)
    Forgive me if I am still a little suspicious, after all it IS Goons. But from what I've seen so far, it does look like the act is being cleaned.