Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Impromptu Hiatus

Over the past month I’ve experienced an impromptu hiatus with my blog.  My original intent with “And Knowing…” was to write at least once a week about something EVE Online related.  The universe apparently had other plans.  It decided that I just didn’t have enough distractions in my life and happily send a barrage of them my way. 

First there’s the podcast. 
It’s going better than I could have ever imagined.  We now have approximately 2000 listeners per week and we have hit Episode 12 of the podcast proper with tons of extra content in the mix including parody songs, extended interviews and even some listener content.  Overall the feedback has been positive from the community as well as CCP.  We are an office fan site listed on EVE Online as if a few days ago.  We’re also hosted on EVENews24 which has been great exposure for us.  Plus we are in talks with EVE Radio about syndicating our episodes on a weekly basis as well as partnering up with content creation.

Then came the meet-up. 
The best way to describe the meet up would be; it’s little idea that could with a speed ball.  What started out as an idea about little get together in Waco is quickly turning into a full blown EVE Online Event.  I can’t give away many details yet, but the fact that the meet up is being held the day before GDC Online and in the same city… well I get trolled by CCP Dashi a lot more frequently these days.  I can say however that two pieces of custom swag are in the production phase with a 3rd to be entering production in a couple of weeks.  For more information about the ATX Listen to the Voices 2011 Meet Up, check -> Here.

Corp Life.
Even my corp life turned on it’s ear recently.  Just a few short weeks ago; I was part of Wrecking Shots [WSHOT] and they were a member of Wildly Inappropriate. [WI.] which was a NC/CF null sec alliance.  WI. has now officially disbanded with some members heading in to the WI. holding corp to join Goonswarm Federation [GSF] while others sought greener pastures elsewhere.  WSHOT decided to turn their attention to low sec for some pvp which is evident by their delicious looking killboard.  I on the other hand have gone South with my co-host Hallan Turrek who has started a new corporation called The Outlaws [BANDT] part of Split Infinity. [S1.]  All I can say is… growing pains.

The Social Game.
Confession Time:  95% of my social networking is EVE Online related.  I don’t know how, but it has sucked me in and refuses to let me go.  I’ve never been too much texting, facebook and those kinds of social sites.  In EVE… these things are almost life-lines.  Now I find myself keeping updated and connected with Twitter, Google+, facebook and the EVE-O forums.  I’ve toyed around with Reddit/r/EVE a little to promote the podcast and I’ve considered signing up on Failheap Challenge and Kugu, but… I don’t think I’m ready for the big leagues just yet. 

Real Life.
Oh yea.. and then there’s that thing called real life too.  I’ve had two close friends leave the city, my 9-5 for the moment is a 7-7 and I still need my “Me Time” for pedicures, actual game play and of course checking the internet for the latest in glitter farting unicorns.  As real as EVE may be; I still think it’s important to get my head out of the spaceship clouds and exist in the real world from time to time.  Still EVE has managed to come up there too. 

Friday July 8th I attended my first EVE Online Meet-Up and it was great.  Only five of us showed, but it was still a lot of fun to come together and wax poetic about the interwebs and all the awful things we do there.  One of them, BizZy, was actually from my old alliance SpaceMonkey’s Alliance [SMA] and had “heard of me.”  It always amazes me what a small world it is. 

So yea.  I’ve been a little busy.  Still, I’d like to maintain my comment to write and blog.  Don’t expect to find anything Jane Austen-esque though.  If you do, you’ll just be sorely disappointed.  What I can promise is more personal insights, some bad jokes, a few stories and… ponies.

 By the way... Thanks again Little Dial!  I love it! I love it! I love it! ♥

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